About Us

St.John Nephumsian’s HSS,a highly esteemed educational institution nestles in the lush green, serene village of Kozhuvanal. The school which plays a vital role in the development of the locality is situated in the heart of Kozhuvanal, near to the church in the name of its heavenly patron. This is an aided Higher Secondary School under the Corporate Educational Agency, Diocese of Pala. The school established in 1933 as a Malayalam Middle School grew to the status of High School in 1979.It was upgraded to a Higher Secondary School in the year 2000. The school offers quality education to young students and always endeavours to excel in every field. A welcoming and engaging atmosphere is created here to develop a passion for learning. Along with academic excellence, the school provides a value based education that creates confident, competent and morally mature individuals who will always be an asset to the family, the society and the whole world.